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Fencing has not always been thought of as a sport for kids but if you have a family member interested in the sport of fencing, check out some of the above fencing clubs, classes and lessons.

Fencing provides some great health benefits along with the ability to carry a sword. Among some of the benefits fencing provides are sportsmanship, physical and mental challenge,discipline and control,speed, agility, power, focus, concentration,develops an ability to make quick decisions, being a part of a team, meeting new friends. Fencing can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages and all skill levels, but it is important to be grouped by age and skill level. Fencing involves the entire body and spirit. Because fencing involves so much mental focus and getting into their opponent’s mind, it has been called the physical version of chess.

It can get quite hot in Houston during the summer which is another benefit of fencing classes. Fencing is an indoor sport so it can be enjoyed year round, regardless of the weather.

Fencing is taught has an after school activity, at recreation centers and at sport centers.

Fencing - Classes, Lessons and Clubs in Houston, TX