FFPS – Fun, Fair and Positive Soccer

FFPS is a special youth soccer league designed for extensive soccer training to ensure each kid has fun, is treated fair and builds self-esteem.  Each games is designed to encourage a positive experience for each player.  FFPS believes the more time each player touches the ball in the game will encourage faster skill development and enjoyment of the game.

Kids with special needs have a special place with FFPS Soccer leagues.  With FFPS children with special needs play on regular teams.  One of the great things about having kids with special needs play on regular team is that all the kids and parents learn a beautiful lesson in teamwork and the importance of helping others.

Ages: Boys and Girls  4 – 18 years old.FFPS - Fair, Fun and Positive Youth Soccer - Boys and Girls Youth Soccer ( ages 4 - 18)

Contact Info:

FFPS Soccer

1-800-828-PLAY (7529)